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See all of the research and presentations from today's ONE by ONE Convention

At today's ONE by ONE Convention and breakout sessions, lots of information was handed out.

Keep reading to download all of the reports, PowerPoint presentations and one-pagers that were distributed throughout the day.

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2014 Public Education Perceptions Poll: Strong support for standards, but confusion about accountability

PropertyTaxOur new public opinion poll shows that Duval County residents support a broad range of current and potential initiatives to improve public education, and the district's leadership team continues to earn confidence in the community.

Keep reading to download the poll and see interactive visualizations of the results.

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inBRIEF Issue 7: School Choice

PB7Cover ThumbnailThe landscape of school choice options in public education has been expanding faster than ever. With this expansion has come an unprecedented array of decisions for parents and caregivers to navigate in determining the best type of school for their children.

A new policy brief by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund examines the complex system of school choice in Duval County, and how parents find their way through it.

Join us for the release of Complex Choices: How Parents Navigate School Options in Duval County  -- keep reading to download the report and register for a live webinar!

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Behind the headlines: What the research says about English Language Learners and fluency

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 At 2.53.45 PMThe Florida Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education are at odds over when to start counting test results for students just learning to speak English. So what does the research say about how long it really takes students to become fluent in English?

Keep reading to learn more and download a short white paper on the subject.

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What’s New: Taking a Closer Look at 2014 School Grades

WhatsNew_Growth073114School grades for elementary and middle schools are out for the final time under the current model. This is the final year that the FCAT 2.0 will impact school grades, as next year schools statewide will adopt Common Core standards and Florida Standards Assessments.

Continue reading to learn more.


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