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District Data

Click the tabs along the top of the box for different measures of academic performance.
Each tab has sorting options so you can compare within and between districts.

Chart Tip: Use your cursor to hover over any of the bars or points in either graph and find out more information (see below for more information about using charts). 

Chart Key:

Upper Graph: The blue bars represent the percent of students in Duval County reading proficiently at each grade level.  The black reference lines represent the percent of students statewide reading proficiently at each grade level for comparison.  Use the "Change District (Top)" drop-down menu to the right of the graph to see how other districts are doing compared to the statewide averages as well.  

Lower Graph: The line shows a 5-year history of FCAT performance by grade level in Duval County. Use the "Change District (Bottom)" and "Change Grade Level" drop-downs to the right of the graph to look at other districts or focus on specific grade levels. 

*Note* Beginning in 2011, the new FCAT 2.0 replaced the original FCAT as Florida's primary statewide annual assessment.  Because the FCAT 2.0 implemented more difficult and consistent content standards and achievement benchmarks, student proficiency levels showed a marked change statewide between 2010 and 2011.


Florida Dept. of Education (Last updated 06/06/2014)

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