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Democracy - it's not a spectator sport. Your voice matters in matters of education policy, and now's the time to make yourself heard.

Check back here often! We'll have updated advocacy opportunities depending on what's happening among decision-makers that affect our schools, from elected officials in Duval County to lawmakers in Tallahassee.

NEW Tell lawmakers to suspend School Grades for the 2014-15 school year

To ensure that School Grades remain meaningful and accurate, your voice is needed! Write to your elected representatives the Florida House and Senate, and tell them our state needs a one-year pause in school grades. Your voice matters! Make it heard with these easy tools. 

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Write a letter to the editor

Keep public education at the top of the local agenda by writing a letter to the editor of The Florida Times-Union.

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Tell lawmakers that Florida needs kids who are prepared for the future!

Your voice is needed to support Common Core State Standards, new, higher standards that will prepare Florida's students for the jobs of tomorrow. Learn more about the standards and what YOU can do at www.jaxpef.org/SupportTheCore.

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